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      1. 新闻单元策划-单位要我用英文简单介绍(评价)自己的职业规划,请帮我翻译_百度知道


        For the IT industry,because technical knowledge refresh rate is too high and the competition for jobs nowadays is fierce,I am stepping in the developing of my career,and has passed the early period of my career.I need to develop in the stability.But does is a sales personnel in order to stably continues the
        development, I must have to have to have am a technical personnel and
        the sales personnel two aspects qualities. In mine professional
        profession intermediate stage, prepares toward the sales management
        aspect to develop. The sales management first must be familiar with
        own industry, 晚会策划案例 then must have to have the quite comprehensive
        technology specialized knowledge, familiar current IT technological
        development direction. More importantly must to this company's
        development ability, the technical superiority, the inferiority have
        the quite 文案策划团队 clear understanding. Moreover also must be familiar with
        this profession the technology and the product trend, the
        understanding similar product and its the competitor situation and the
        characteristic. Therefore I must grasp the professional knowledge and
        the ability, also has the actual operation experience, only then has
        the possibility to change sells the management post. I become an
        outstanding sale managerial talent in the future three year in goal!e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e31333234316136
        Appraisal: I thought the plan is no doubt important, but more
        important, lies in it specifically to practice and to obtain the
        result. Any plan, all is unknown changeable, decides 龙岗婚礼策划 on the goal plan
        all possible bitter experience question, the request to have the sober
        brains as necessary. I if achieve the goal, must put out the courage,
        pays diligently, strives for success, the struggle.

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