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Art in Taos

Southwestern Art. Taos Art.
Taos has long been a magnet for artists who are drawn here by the magical landscape and extraordinary light. Taos Art is one of the main reasons tourists continue to flock to the Land of Enchantment decades after the original Taos artists first arrived here. The painters who have made Taos their home include Georgia O’Keefe (prior to moving to Abique) Nicolai Fechin and the group known as the Taos Founders who included Victor Higgins and Ernest Blumenschien, all of whom  have left an indelible imprint, forever stamping themselves on the legacy that is Southwestern  Art.


Taos PainterTaos Art
Taos Art is a broad generalization for the artists who call Taos home. Many Taos painters can be seen working plein air in and around the Town of Taos vicinity and the galleries that line the streets of Taos are filled with their impressions of the gorgeous landscape they are inspired by. These artists are building on the legacy of the early plein air painters of the Southwest. Others work in different mediums in their studios; several are multi-media artists and sculptors who interpret the world around them in the abstract. As diverse as the community they live in, their art is individual and unique. There are more galleries (and artists) here per capita than anywhere in the United States, including New York City and Santa Fe! Taos Art is surely Taos, New Mexico’s greatest legacy and commodity.


Taos Art GalleryTaos Artists
During the early Twentieth Century, Taos’ reputation as an Art Colony became international due to the influx of painters who came to be known as the Taos Founders. These days, Taos artists include some very talented members of the Hispanic community and the Red Willow Tribe who have called Taos Pueblo home for more than a thousand years. Taos Pueblo artists show their work in Galleries in Taos as well as in the shops around the Pueblo plaza. Many modern Taos artists, including Stacey Huddleston (Human Line Studio) work and show out of their home studios, in a salon-like atmosphere creating a unique and intimate experience for connosuiers of Taos Art.


Taos Society of ArtistsTaos Art Museums
The Blumenschien and Fechin Museums and the Gaspard House (built by Russian ex-pat Leon Gaspard) are must- sees for an art lover visiting Taos, along with the Harwood and Millicent Rogers Museums, all of which house extraordinary collections that span the decades of Taos Art, showcasing the very best of Taos artists and artisans.


Taos’ Art Legacy
In the tradition of Ansel Adams, a few great photographic artists, including Bill Davis, Paul O’Connor Lenny Foster and Zoe Zimmerman, live and work here as well, showing their work alongside modern greats such as Larry Bell, the late Agnes Martin and contemporary masters Walt Gonsky and Angus MacDonad. Art is everywhere in Taos; it’s as much a part of the town as the hollyhocks and fragrant lilacs that bring Taos painters outdoors in the Springtime to record and reflect the incredible beauty of the changing seasons in the High Desert.


Taos is absolutely filled with exceptional art. There are dozens of fine art galleries, and well over a hundred artists in such art forms as Carving, Collage, Computer Art, Drawings, Erotica, Etchings, Folk Art, Furniture, Giclee Prints, Illustration, Jewelry, Metalwork, Mixed Media, Murals, Painters, Pastels, Photography, Portraits, Pottery, Prints, Pyrography, Sculptors, Serigraph Prints, Stained Glass, Tattoo, Weaving, Writers & Authors.